Kusiner is a small enterprise founded in 2016 and owed by two cousins (kusiner in Danish) from Copenhagen in Denmark.

Almost by coincidence, the Kusiner stumbled upon an article about the beautiful Bedouin rugs. They packed the car and went to check out the carpets in the Negev Desert. And fell in love immediately. Both with the rugs and with the amazing Bedouin women working there. And before they knew it, they were carpet dealers.


The idea of Kusiner – carpets of the Desert is to offer a different and exclusive rug to a picky Scandinavian audience (where design runs in everybody’s veins). Kusiner’s aim is to maintain the feel, quality and uniqueness of the traditional Bedouin rugs from Lakiya, while adding a Nordic tone and colour to the rugs. In every carpet, one of the pompoms is in a characteristic and bright colour – the Kusiner signature. Kusiner collaborates with a well-known Danish textile designer on all collections.