Basma is the mother of 13 children. She learned to read and write with Sidreh 10 years ago. Two years ago, after training on small-business development with us, she started her small catering business. Today, and because of her participation in Sidreh's 'Gardens Project', Basma and her children have their very own garden! Every day she goes and picks up vegetables from the garden for her family and neighbors. The garden has eased the family's food budget, and so eased family spending.

"The garden is good for my family, for my children. We don’t live in the city, so there are no stores, nothing. We had only olives and grapes here before the gardens. Now I have fresh vegetables next to my house – completely free of chemicals!"

Please support us:

The lack of access to fresh food, as well as water shortage and severe lack of infrastructure is a key reason the poor health and nutrition situation of young Bedouin children in the Negev.We have worked to change this situation, and through small family gardens that flourish in the desert conditions, families have access to fresh, cheap produce on a daily basis and the possibility to easily prepare nutritious meals for their children.

So far, we have built more than 84 gardens in Bedouin villages, reaching more than 60 women and 150 children.

These families now offer their children healthy food without having to travel long distances and pay high prices. Gardens provide opportunities for physical activities, relief from stress, and a sense of stewardship of nature. In addition, rainwater harvesting proved to be an efficient option for villages that lack access to water at affordable prices for irrigation. Families share the food produce with neighbors and friends. A plentiful harvest of vegetables means that participants and their families and neighbors are able to provide for their own needs and those of others.

Because of increasing poverty rates and the cost of living in Israel, there is a more urgent need for Arab Bedouin communities to increase their self-reliance in a sustainable manner. We believe the Gardens Project is a key means to achieve this. We believe that everybody can have a garden. Through your contribution we would be able to provide healthier food to more families and children:

  • A $20 contribution would provide seedlings to five families for their gardens
  • A $50 contribution would provide a nutrition workshop for 20 women.
  • An $80 contribution would provide a box-garden (wicking bed) that can produce up to 5 kg vegetables per month depending on the crop.
  • A $100 contribution would provide nutritious food to one family member (in a family of 15 people) for one year

The goal of our #SupportSidrehAllYearRound end-of-year campaign is to raise funds to improve the health of the Bedouin Negev community (through our gardens program), to diversify their economic opportunities (through the youth business development training) and to empower women (through the women's leadership program).

As non-profit, we depend on donors like you to do our crucial work. Make a donation today and support Arab-Bedouin women in the Negev realize their rights as well as of those of their community and culture.

With best wishes for the holiday season,

Heidi Paredes
Deputy Director