Year: 2011
In collaboration with: BCXSY

Balance is the results of the collaboration between BCXSY, Sidreh and the women weavers in Lakiya.

Balance consists of a series of seven area rugs woven in the Bedouin tradition by the women in Lakiya. Each rug is hand woven on traditional ground looms using the wool of local desert sheep. From the dying of the yarn to the weaving and final construction, each rug is the result of the collaborative efforts of many of the women in Lakiya. Through a craft that is central to Bedouin social and cultural heritage, the weavers are able to produce an extremely high-quality, durable and beautiful material.

Origin part II: BalanceBalance is our response to this optimism, that in the midst of adversity and misfortune there is a lasting element of proportion and beauty. Drawing from the surrounding landscape of the Negev Desert in both color and texture, each piece in Balance pushes the perceived confines of traditional woven dimensions and expected application of decorative elements. The rugs are the result of working within the boundaries of the Bedouin weaving practice, where it is only possible to weave long, narrow strips of material. The strips are then cut and repositioned to create non-traditional and innovative silhouettes that generate new and exciting placement possibilities within the interior. Balance embodies the possibility of finding a modern context for an ancient craft.