Sidreh’s visitor center gives our guests a face-to-face experience to meet our beneficiaries and staff, and to learn how Bedouin women are developing our community to build pride in its cultural heritage and to ensure its culturally distinctive creativity reaches new audiences as we make new friends with each visiting group.

By hosting guests we build engagement with a wide range of groups from around the world to tell the story of the Bedouin people, our rich cultural heritage, and our living traditions. Each year we host hundreds of guests from international tourist groups who are looking to hear new perspectives on the unique culture of our society. 

Our tourism professionals guide groups to bringing our work and the Bedouin culture to new audiences, with authentic and direct experiences. As part of the international community, our guests take away new perspectives of Bedouin cultural-heritage, and how Bedouin women make it work for them.

The visits also increase respect for Bedouin women, with new narratives on a traditional way of life as we promote cultural dialogue with our guests by presenting multiple stories about our work and culture, and particularly stories from Bedouin women themselves. This makes it possible for Bedouin women to simultaneously develop and express their knowledge, creativity and social skills, while promoting awareness of our culture.

So we invite you to come and visit us, to learn about our heritage, and to take away a unique experience from our unique culture!