Production Process

Our products are made with a perfected technique that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Our products are handcrafted by Bedouin women who spins-, dye- and meticulously weave the rugs on ground-looms, using the finest Awasi sheep wool.

Our products are hand woven by Bedouin women, using traditional ground looms and pure local sheep wool. Our warp face weave is particularly tight and strong, making the our rugs evoke refinement, beauty and originality.

Authentic spinning process
SIDREH’S yarn is purchased from Negev shepherdesses who spin fleece into yarn on drop spindles while tending their flocks. To prepare the yarn for weaving, two strands of spun yarn are skeined together, dyed and mothproofed, dried in the sun, and wrapped into balls.

Cleaning Instructions

LAKIYA’s yarns are colored with the highest quality wool dye, and mothproofed. Both our dyes and mothproofing will be unaffected by cleaning as long as you follow these directions. Our instructions will help keep your carpet looking new.
LAKIYA carpets can be layed directly on most floor surfaces. A highly polished surface may require a commercial carpet underlay beneath the rug. Foam backings can be found at carpet retailers or hardware stores.

Because LAKIYA’s dyes are stable, feel secure to place your carpet in a place of high utility, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Occasionally allow the carpet to thoroughly dry, if possible outside in the sun.

If the carpet should become very wet, lay it flat in a place with good air circulation and where the water can drain from it, such as a patio. Allow the carpet to dry completely.

If part of the carpet is continuously exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to turn the carpet occasionally.


There are a number of ways to clean your new carpet. Brushing with a stiff brush and vacuuming are sufficient to keep the carpet looking clean and new. LAKIYA carpets may also be dry-cleaned.

Spills can be cleaned with a mild, wool detergent, water and a soft brush. It is advisable to clean any spills as quickly as possible and to lay the carpet out flat to dry.

Special Tip #1: Wipe your LAKIYA carpet with vinegar diluted with water to revitalize the colors.

Storing Your Carpet
When storing the carpet for long periods it is preferable to roll the carpet along the length, rather than folding it. (No mothproofing needs to be added.)

Special Tip #2: When storing their carpets, Bedouin women include cloves with the carpet to add a fresh scent.

Make sure not to store the carpet in a damp place. Prolonged humidity can cause mildew.