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Last traces of the unique Bedouin heritage

Lakiya Weaving - The home of weaving made with a perfected technique that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Our rugs are handcrafted by Bedouin women who spins-, dye- and meticulously weave the rugs on ground-looms, using the finest Awasi sheep wool.

Historically, Bedouin women wove tents, rugs, belts and other domestic items. Today women weave articles for personal use or for wedding presents. Growing demand for our rugs, wall hangings, cushions and bags is contribution to the revival and preservation of a craft central to the Bedouin social and cultural heritage.

This tradition is a strong part of communal life. The weaving is one of the last traces of the unique Bedouin heritage. Today, the young girls in the community see the weaving and learn from their mothers and grandmothers.