The thing Noora is proudest of is her children. She has six children and a growing number of beautiful grandchildren. Despite having never studied herself, two of her daughters are qualified teachers and another is currently studying accountancy.

Noora has worked at Sidreh since 1998, and this has enabled her to support her children financially. Like many of the other women who work for Sidreh, Noora emphasises the importance of the organisation, as it is the only possible source of income available to her – and in this it has given her financial independence. Noora speaks both Arabic and Hebrew and is always willing to talk to anyone about the work of Sidreh and the Bedouin community.

Noora’s favourite aspect of her job is the opportunity to display Sidreh’s work at exhibitions. Sidreh’s exhibits have taken her to cities all over the region that she says she otherwise would not have visited, and even as far as Santa Fe and London.

Noora’s weaving work and high standards ensures the products are of a high quality before they go out into the world. She works tirelessly on perfecting each individual product, and it is very intricate work requiring a lot of patience!

When she’s not at Sidreh, Noora enjoys doing embroidery, another skill in which she is wonderfully talented. If you’re lucky, she might be wearing an example of her work when you visit!