Sidreh is a non-profit organization established in 1998 in Lakiya with the mission to support the Palestinian-Bedouin woman in the Negev in her pursuit of the full realization of herself and her rights as well as those of her community. 

We believe that if Bedouin women have access to knowledge, resources, participate in decision-making at all levels, and have a strong postion in society then they will be able to pursue the full realization of their rights and entitlements and those of our community. 

Therefore, Sidreh focuses on 4 main strategic objectives:

  • Access to knowledge: Improving the educational levels of Bedouin women
  • Access to resources: promoting economic resilience of Bedouin women by increasing income and maximizing the use of available resources
  • Gender equality and participation: Improving the social position of women and advancing women’s rights.
  • Sustainable development: professionalization and organizational development.

Our vision is a society in which the Palestinian-Arab woman has full ownership over herself and decisions, fully enjoys her rights, enjoys safety and stability, feels pride regarding her cultural heritage, and realizes her place as an active member in her society, bringing sustainable development to our community. 

Sidreh is named after the tree growing in the Negev and mentioned in the Koran, being used as a metaphor for women survival and strength.