Activities offered:

1.                   Presentation about Bedouin culture and the weaving tradition.

The presentation will be held at Lakiya Weaving’s visitor center by one of our experienced weavers. The tour will include demonstration of the whole process of the weaving from the stage of spinning the wool into threads until it become a ready carpet. During the presentation the presenter will talk about her experience as a weaver at Lakiya Weaving and about the way it affected her and her family’s life. She will talk also about the tradition of the weaving and the social life that was built around the weaving and how the weaving can be an example of an activity that gather women and create a supportive, lively and collaborating community.

2.                   Guided tour about economic development initiatives led by women in the Negev.

The tour starts at Lakiya Weaving project and continues to a women businesses in one of the unrecognized villages where you will meet the entrepreneurs, hear from them about their businesses and about the challenges they face, show them support and get inspired by their fascinating stories. The tour will be about 3 hours long within you will see and experience the way these women live and struggle to support their families and how they succeed to do so despite the very harsh conditions.

3.                   Presentation about Bedouin society from a geo-political perspective and a Tour in an unrecognized village

The tour starts with a lecture about the geo-political situation of the Bedouin community at Sidreh’s office. After the lecture we will go to one the villages where we will have a tour to see the situation at the village and hear from the locals about their daily life. Besides, we will meet Bedouin activists who will discuss with us the geo-political situation of the Bedouin society  

4.                   Cooking with Samira

Don't miss the experience to learn about the secrets of the traditional Bedouin Kitchen. Samira, the best cooker in the region is welcoming you in her home, offering you the possibility to learn how to cook the most tasty plates of the Negev.


The groups have the possibility to have Bedouin breakfast or lunch with the lectures and tours.Lunch on route 

Vegetarian and non Vegetarian Bedouin Traditional Kitchen


For more information on prices, please contact Montse Martinez at or 0502502228